Sonntag, 26. April 2009

In der Flora

Davidia involucrata
Blütenstand einer PalmeSpiraea japonicaFarneSpiraea vanhouttei


Alasandra hat gesagt…

Your Judas Tree (we call them Redbuds in Mississippi) is gorgeous. I'll be glad when mine gets that big. Ours have already bloomed. All the flowers were lovely. ~Alasandra

Mishkat hat gesagt…

We call Judas Tree redbud too. Not sure why because they are really a pink/purple shade, but that's the name! They grow wild in the mountains here, but haven't bloomed yet.

And that Davidia is gorgeous - I have only seen those in photos.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ hat gesagt…

Liebe Siena! Huete bin ich wieder einmal bei dir zu deinem wunderbaren garten. I am sorry I can not come by more offten. I missed your birthday too because I was so sick...and still am. Mommy wanted me to rest today but we had to go to the Vet. He is worried about my infections and gave me better medicine. When we come by here to see you and Chilli, we get lost in the magic of your garden. it reminds us of Oma's garten in Augsburg. Just being here made us feel so good today...blows the stress away.
Thank you for that. We love you Miss Peach and mommy Karla

Aoise hat gesagt…

Beautiful !

LizzyBean hat gesagt…

We have redbud too (long gone now...)and also spiraea. It looks below like you had at least one peony bud...was it not yours? Is your peony in a pot still? It may not like the pot, peonies apparently don't like their roots crowded and they stop blooming if they are (I learned this at a gardening seminar a few years ago). Our blooms don't last very long; already 2 are sadly bedraggled. I an going to cut the other so that I may enjoy the flower and fragrance while I work. What I REALLY want is a lilac, Mon says Persian lilac can tolerate our heat, but I've had trouble locating one. I bought a gardenia, though. (they like acid soil and ours is alkaline, so you have to treat it specially). They smell so heavenly! I also planted two hybrid tea roses, but it is so humid right now I just know they are going to develop black spot. I'm prepared with my fungicide!!
Germany in the spring looks just lovely.
Love, Elizabeth

LizzyBean hat gesagt…

P.S. I haunt the bargain racks at the plant stores! Almost everything I've purchased this year had been reduced!