Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

Siena got carried away

The other day I was playing with that evil birch stick and I got a bit carried away at the end: I hissed at my human mom.
She was really impressed with my attitude because I never ever hissed at her once in the three months I am with her. She thinks that maybe I got a bit scared by the flashy box so close to me. Or am I showing my real alien self (link is in German but I'll give away the point: the picture is supposed to proof that I am an alien invading the world with my fellow aliens. Mmmh...).


Sen and Tom hat gesagt…

Hi Siena! It was a lot of fun to see you "in action." We can quite understand how you got carried away. Even though Sen-Chan never hisses, #1 says that the "one who came before" hissed a LOT!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom

Gandalf and Grayson hat gesagt…

Hahaha! Had a little hissy fit, eh Sienna?! Mom hasn't seen us hiss in a long time. Maybe we should try that again!

Daisy hat gesagt…

Hi Siena! I do not hiss very often, either. Usually only when I get scairt.

T'Abby Normal hat gesagt…

We can see that you can stand up for yourself when you need to. It's ok to practice these moves when you play. We do, but we don't mean what we say. I am sure your mom knows this!

Abby & Stygia