Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Heute in der Flora

Mich hat leider eine Erkältung erwischt. Das Wetter war heute aber halbwegs gnädig und ich konnte einen kleinen Trip in die Flora wagen.
The only way is up.

Schön grün alles!

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Roarer hat gesagt…

I've recently started reading Into the Wild, heard so much about the movie and know of the ending, but want to start the book first.

Always felt close to plants, growing up in one of the most crowded cities on earth, New Zealand had provided me so much space and wonder, for about 6 months I had a vege garden, for me to experiment, the most successful harvest were always the potatoes, actually donno where they came from.

You have a beautiful garden. :) And a very awesome photographer too!